Optware for your router

In my previous post I shared with you some quick details about flashing the Linksys E3200. None of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the great work done by Eko and many others on the forums and in particular the thread found here

When flashed some features were not initially working, (A) 5Ghz wifi, (B) NTFS support which is useful for many when connecting a USB drive to the router.
I’ve since moved my USB hard drive to a different location on my network, and instead purchased a micro-USB device to sit hidden in the back of the router, search for something like “Hewlett Packard 8GB V165 USB” that fits the bill nicely.

The USB thumb drive is important to installing Optware, which in turn will allow you to increase the functionality of your router, including (but now probably useless to you) NTFS support, transmission torrent daemon, snort and other IDS tools, bash, even X11(remote display) and lots more.

So how to install. Well again we are fortunate enough that some people have been there and got the T-shirt then kindly wrote a guide for us which can be found here. I’m just going to briefly mention the steps here but I strongly advise you to read that guide.

  • Partition your USB device to have 1x SWAP : 32MB in size, 1x ext2 or ext3 512MB in size, the rest of the space can be used for your “data” storage.
  • You can turn off JFFS support via your web interface as this doesn’t appear to be needed. Because there is no NTFS partition on your USB drive, it should mount automatically, this can be checked via your router’s web-interface –> Services –> USB. See note 1.
  • Your 512MB partition should be mounted at /opt on your router. This gives you the space you need to install the optware applications
  • Telnet or SSH in and issue the commands “wget -O /tmp/prep_optware http://wd.mirmana.com/prep_optware” and then “sh /tmp/prep_optware” This will download an install script, and then run it.
  • After installation is complete you should be able to happily reboot the router

*Note1 : For some reason both the data and opt partitions get mounted in /opt on the router. The easiest way to resolve for is to visit your routers web-interface –> Administration –> Commands and then save the following to your startup option:

umount /opt
umount /opt
mount -t ext2 /dev/discs/disc0/part1 /opt
mount -o noatime -t ext2 /dev/discs/disc0/part3 /mnt
swapon /dev/discs/disc0/part2

You now have Optware installed, the world is your oyster, allowing you to issue “service” commands, run “ipkg-opt update”, “ipkg-opt upgrade”, and “ipkg-opt list” to update your package list, upgrade any packages if needed, and then show you a list of all packages you can download and install.

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